What we do


Unfolding Our Own Soul


mesaThe most important instrument in our personal and common spiritual practice is the Mesa, a harmonic arrangement of powerful objects, mostly stones. It is an image of the cosmos and makes healing and growth possible through wise use of the forces, rhythms and cycles of nature. At the same time, it gives us access to more comprehensive levels of human consciousness.


The mesa shows us what we can be if we allow ourselves to become it. If we take that path, the mesa gives us all we need for the journey


Working with the mesa brings forces of nature “into the house”, so to speak. This work is complimented by visits to powerful places in nature and by rituals of reciprocal exchange with the beings and elements of nature.




Caring For the Earth Together


apachetaMany mesas together can generate enough power to help harmonize the forces of Pachamama, Mother Earth. Our western culture has forgotten to care for our mother in this way and through that, for ourselves as well, her children. We are used to taking from her but rarely give something back. The Andean people know that ayni, reciprocity, is the basis of living well together, with other people, with nature, and with its invisible beings. An ayllu cares for the wellbeing of the earth through common ceremonies at the mesa and also in nature.


The Dolomiten Ayllu has taken on this task in the sacred mountains of the Dolomites, whose power radiates out far beyond the region.


The more ayllus emerge at different locations in Europe, the better we can care for the earth in a coordinated way, through an interconnected web of ayllus in North and South America.



Understanding Ourselves as Part of a Living Cosmos


galaxyImmersing ourselves into mythic worlds opens our eyes to a cosmic order of which we are a part. Myths tell us not only about our own souls but also about the soul of the landscape which is the home of these myths, and ultimately about the Anima Mundi, the World Soul. Great myths, like the one of Fanes, speak about where we come from and where we (can) go. In the Wayna Fanes Tradition, we use the power of myths for the healing and the blooming of the World Soul, by bringing to life its themes, images and figures in our ceremonies with the mesa.