Waltraud Hönes



“Curandera”, ceremonialist and book author, is founder of the Wayna Fanes Tradition and the group “Dolomiten Ayllu”.


On completion of her Doctorate Degree in Psychology at Würzburg and Konstanz, Germany, she continued her studies in California, with leading representatives of Transpersonal Psychology including: Jeanne Achterberg, Frank Lawlis and Angeles Arrien. In addition, she completed a 4-year training in the Feldenkrais® Method in Boulder, Colorado. On meeting Peruvian Master Ceremonialist and Curandero Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, founder of the cross-cultural Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, she immediately began a 10-year long apprenticeship with him. Since completing her apprenticeship with Don Oscar, she has served as his authorized European representative and teacher of his Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. Several periods of intensive study in Peru, where she met and worked with other Curanderas and Curanderos in the Highlands, complimented her apprenticeship.


In the year 2000, Waltraud founded the Dolomiten Ayllu which she has been leading ever since. Out of her work with that group the Wayna Fanes Tradition has developed, in which the Peruvian mother tradition melds with the reawakening the heritage of the Great Myth of Fanes, in a harmonious and powerful synthesis.


  Waltraud teaches workshops throughout Europe and leads  pilgrimages for the earth in the Dolomites, where she lives. Her special ability is bringing to life mythic themes of transformative potential for human consciousness in impressive group ceremonies for planetary healing. Her deep love for the sacred mountains of the Dolomites is expressed in all her ceremonies and gives them a special power. In 2013, her book “Seele der Landschaft – Landschaft der Seele” was published by Neue Erde- Verlag, Germany.