Would you like to help establish a new earth honoring culture in Europe? We would like to introduce you to a project in the heart of the Dolomites that will be realized in the coming years.





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Rayeta Wasi, the “Rayeta house”, will be a place where myth, nature and people reunite. It will be the home of the Wayna Fanes Tradition, an authentic living European tradition founded on two pillars. One pillar is the Fanes myth, which lives in the mountains of the same name within the range of the Dolomite mountains. With its totemic motives and dominant female figures it is unique in European mythology and holds special potential for healing the human soul, especially for Europeans. The other pillar is the spiritual tradition of the Andes, one of the worlds few remaining completely traditional shamanic wisdom traditions, which has grown out of the teachings of several ancient high cultures. It is characterized by a very high capacity for cultural integration and values that are particularly relevant for our time.


“Rayeta” refers to the incomparably radiant stone from the Fanes myth whose return will lead to a Promised Time where heaven and earth come together. In that way the Rayeta is a powerful archetypal image for an expanded state of consciousness which overcomes the seeming separation between spirit and matter, visible and invisible. When it returns, it will be worn on a heart that has become crystal-clear and its luminosity, which shines both inward and outward, will bring into balance both male and female principles and reunite Pachamama's children. For the Rayeta to return we need to renew our relationship with the living Earth through a life that both honors the earth and recognizes the connection of mythical consciousness and rationality. In this way, both our own soul and the soul of the world are nourished and can flourish.


Rayeta Wasi will form the center of a new pilgrimage route that crosses Europe, roughly from northwest to southeast, and is part of the path of pilgrims for the earth. Because of its mythical importance and power of its landscape, Rayeta Wasi will be located in the Fanes area that is part of the Dolomites.


Pilgrims will have the opportunity to stay in Rayeta Wasi to deepen their experiences, to learn, and to find healing. In workshops and multi-day retreats it will be possible to hear the New Myth of Fanes and learn earth honoring shamanic work. In addition, Rayeta Wasi will be a training center for the Wayna Fanes Tradition.


The heart of Rayeta Wasi will be a great ceremonial space constantly cared for so as to create a field of consciousness for the return of the Rayeta and to act on the collective consciousness of humanity.


Members of the Dolomiten Ayllu, the core group of practitioners of the Wayna Fanes Tradition, will live in Rayeta Wasi to care for the ceremonial space, provide teaching and work on the further development of the tradition.


This project can only be realized with your help. Your donations are essential to finance Rayeta Wasi.


The Wayna Fanes Förderverein is a non-profit organization founded to provide the means for realizing Rayeta Wasi.


If the values and objectives of the Wayna Fanes tradition resonate with you and you want to help build Rayeta Wasi, a center from which to work effectively for the benefit of the Earth and all her children, please support us with a donation of any amount. Isn't it time to do something constructive instead of simply complaining about how things are? Here is a chance to make a difference! Your contribution will help us the most if you can commit to support us regularly. Even small amounts sent by automatic payment through your bank accumulate substantially over time. Just 2-5€ per month can be a valuable contribution to our project. If you can contribute more to Rayeta Wasi we can realize this dream together!


Of course, all donations will receive confirmation and contributors will be regularly informed about this projects progress.


We want to thank you in advance for opening your heart and generously supporting this project. Your contributions help make dreams of the future become real for the next seven generations.



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