Every Thursday from 25.10.18 until 28.03.19 in Bozen, Waldorf Oberstufe (in English),

in Bozen, Brixen (in German),
and in Auer (in Italian)


The crystalline Heart –
Loving luminosity for the world


Have we forgotten,
that treasure
in our center,
a brilliant seed
that wants to germinate?

Yes, we can propagate loving luminosity,
instead of being at the mercy of dark powers,
by fearing them;

Let us grow this wondrous sprout inside ourselves,
let us nurture it
by sharing its luminous love,
because we are woven
into the soul of the world.


Every Thursday, beginning Oktober 25, 2018, the Wayna Fanes also offers this special meditation in English. Through this meditation you will strengthen your own crystalline heart and at the same time make a valuable contribution to shifting the balance of power on Earth so that, together, we can bring the world soul into bloom. Besides the meditation, there will occasionally be the opportunity to hear parts of the New Myth of Fanes, so you can understand the deeper meaning of our common meditation.


In addition, you are invited to join us for a monthly pilgrimage to get to know our new way of pilgrimage for the Earth– an experience that stimulates the growth of the crystalline heart especially strongly.


When and where?
in Bozen (in English): Waldorf Oberstufe, Buozzistr. 18, 20.00; Tel. 3456108966,
            (in German): Waldorf Oberstufe, Buozzistr. 18, 20.00; Tel. 346 2194164
in Brixen (in German): Otelo in the Jakob Steiner- Haus (3rd level), 20.00; Tel. 338 6715566
in Auer (in Italian): Wayna Fanes- Raum, Fuchsloch 3/5, 20.00; Tel. 328 0324475


The meditation is offered every Thursday with the following exceptions:  not on 01.11.18, 15.11.18, 20.12.18, 03.01.19, 24.01.19, 14.03.19

Dates for the myth telling evenings will be set as soon as there are enough participants. You will receive the dates for the common pilgrimages at the meditation or they can also be found on our website (see below).

There is no registration required. The evenings may be attended independently of each other.

We are asking for a voluntary donation. Please bring a cushion to sit on.