Learning the Wayna Fanes Tradition


The apprenticeship in the Wayna Fanes Tradition is unique in Europe. It begins with a comprehensive basic series, "The path of the Crystalline Heart", that extends over about one year. An introductory phase consisting of an evening mesa introduction and one day workshop is followed by five weekend workshops and a nine day summer week in the Fanes range of the Dolomites. After this basic training, your apprenticeship continues within the framework of the workshops, ceremonies and pilgrimages of the "Dolomiten Ayllu". Apprenticeship in the Wayna Fanes Tradition is not a training with a predetermined duration. It is an ongoing learning process, in the course of which the relationship between teacher and student is changing, becoming more and more one of common service to the earth and humanity.


The series also provides the foundation for practicing this tradition together with other interested people in your own region.


Waltraud Hönes also leads public weekend workshops that offer basic experiences with the mesa, pilgrimages for the earth, and introduction to the New Myth of Fanes. In addition, two long-term collaborators of Waltraud's offer pilgrimages for the earth, short workshops and evenings at their mesas. Together with others from the Dolomiten Ayllu , they facilitate a weekly evening "meditation of the Crystalline Heart" at different locations in South Tyrol.



No matter where you are living, it is ideal to begin your path in this tradition at its place of origin, where it has been developed and lived both in and with the local landscape for many years. This gives you a solid foundation to continue your path at your own home.


Workshops and pilgrimages for the earth can, of course, also be offered in other regions and countries. Please contact us if you are interested in organizing such an event yourself.


Current dates are listed under "PROGRAM" on our Website www.waynafanes.org