geist-reich und stein-reich (a wealth of stone - a wealth of spirit)


Wayna Fanes: The Path of the Crystalline Heart


Unfolding our own soul

Caring for the Earth together

Understanding ourselves as part of a living cosmos


The Wayna Fanes Tradition is a fascinating, many sided, wide-ranging and versatile path to the Self, that honors the earth and puts the heart in the center. You can say it is an earth-honoring and heart-centered path to the Self. Born from the union of the millennial healing and wisdom tradition of the Andes and the unique mythic heritage of the Dolomites, it integrates all levels of our life as spiritual beings making a human experience. We have the ability to co-create reality, yet we can only do it in a responsible way if we expand ourselves beyond our personal identity and become part of a larger whole, whose divine order we deeply respect. That is the step towards the Self. Terms like "healing" and "development" acquire new meaning when we no longer see ourselves as isolated individual beings. Our own well-being cannot be separated from that of others, including our fellow human beings, the beings of the landscape where we live and the earth herself. Every soul wants to move towards its destiny and find its place in the great web of life. Yet, for that, it is necessary to remember who we really are. The more crystal clear our heart becomes, the more the soul's beauty and purpose become apparent.




What is the path to the Crystalline Heart? We visit sacred places in nature as pilgrims. We co-create them and enter into relationship with them through rituals of mutual exchange. On these pilgrimages we receive gifts- mostly stones, that we put together in the form of a mesa, a harmonious arrangement of great power. It is an instrument for our own development and for returning its power to the earth and her children through ceremonies for planetary healing. This is the practice that makes our hearts crystal clear! In this, the myth of Fanes is our guide and inexhaustible source of inspiration. As a great world myth which has retold itself, it carries immense potential for healing on the persona and collective levels as well as for cultural renewal. Through the transformations of its archetypal beings, it shows us how we can leave behind misleading paths and make a new pact with the living earth to move towards the "Promised Time". Then, according to the myth, the rayeta, the incomparably radiant stone, will return and find its place in our Crystalline Hearts, for the well-being of all people.



  The Wayna Fanes Tradition came into existence through the work of the "Dolomiten Ayllu" (pronounced "Ayu") which has been meeting regularly since the year 2000 under the leadership of its founder Waltraud Hönes, to walk this path to the Self and care for an ever growing network of sacred places together. Wayna Fanes, the young Fanes, can be lived everywhere. The Dolomites are simply its center of power and mythic place of origin. The myth of Fanes is a jewel for all of Europe. It is our vision that Wayna Fanes becomes a movement which lets our collective soul shine again as a joy for Pachamama, Mother Earth, and as medicine for all her children.